A js-git packaged app for chrome and chromebooks.
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A js-git packaged app for chrome and chromebooks.

To run this app

  1. Clone to computer or download and unzip.
  2. Install the dependencies using npm install --dedupe
  3. Load this folder as an unpacked extension at chrome://extensions.


Currently this chrome app does the following things:

  • Connect to github over a raw TCP socket using a special chrome API
  • Codec for pkt-line message framing on the binary stream
  • Parser and encoder for the contents of some git line messages
  • side-band parsing and multiplexing/demultiplexing of streams
  • Ref discovery
  • Stream of raw pack data


  • Hook raw pack stream to Chris Dickinson's pack parser
  • Store resulting object stream to persistent storage
  • Implement index and working files
  • Plan more awesome stuff.