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Memory leak #8

pekim opened this Issue Sep 28, 2012 · 2 comments

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pekim commented Sep 28, 2012

I have some code that uses jsonparse (via JSONStream) to parse a file that is about 170MB. The heap keeps growing, and eventually almost continual gc grinds the process almost to a halt.

I thought at first the leak was caused by dominictarr/JSONStream, but I think that I've narrowed the leak down to jsonparse.

This code causes a leak, that I don't think should happen.

var Parser = require('jsonparse');

var string = (new Array(10 * 1024 + 1)).join("x");

var parser = new Parser();
// parser.onValue = function(value) {
//   //console.log('received:', value);
// };

while (true) {
  parser.write('"' + string + '",')

It streams a never ending array of strings to jsonparse. It's silly, but it seemed to be a simple way to simulate parsing a large file and provoke the leak.

Running with the -trace_gc flag shows that the heap grows rapidly, gc is unable to reclaim much from the heap, and the heap is quickly exhausted.

I don't see why this code shouldn't be able to run indefinitely. Until it does, I'm probably not going to be able to process large files with jsonparse (which is a shame).


I have the same issue, posted it on JSONStream, but I think jsonparse it is the culprit. Here was the message from the issue ( dominictarr/JSONStream#32 ):

request = require('request'),
Stream = require('stream').Stream,
Parser = require('jsonparse');

var dbName = 'test'
var p = new Parser();
p.onValue = function(value) {

var down = new Stream()
down.writable = true
down.write = function(data) {
  return true
down.end = function() {

var host = process.env.DB_HOST
var path = '_all_docs?include_docs=true'
var url = host + '/' + dbName + '/' + path

Memory leak steadily increases from 50 to 260MB's, then midway through it jumps to 500-600MB's. I feel like the json parser queues up data for something then does something else with the queued data afterwards.


@lancecarlson Is this still an issue with jsonparse?

@davidrapin davidrapin referenced this issue in dominictarr/JSONStream Feb 10, 2015

memory leak #32

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