Spidermonkey shell with libuv bindings built-in.
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This project is an effort to create a custom SpiderMonkey runtime that has libuv built-in. This will give it very node.js-like semantics, but using a different JavaScript engine.

Currently, the project is very alpha and exploratory.

Come to #luvmonkey on freenode irc to discuss any questions.


At the moment it's only tested on Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04 and OS X 10.7.

Building luvmonkey is super easy. Simply go to the luvmonkey source tree and do the normal ./configure && make dance. Python 2.5 or newer (but not 3.x) is required because we use gyp.

cd $HOME/luvmonkey
make -j4 # or however many cores you have
# Test it
./out/Debug/luvmonkey test.js