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Fix bug with gitExec #11

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Andrew Peace
Andrew Peace

I ran into a problem with this line here:

It was throwing an error because gitExec requires all three arguments. I've fixed that by defaulting to "utf8" if no encoding is given

Maybe it's simpler just to add the "utf8" parameter to the getExec call I linked above, that's up to you. I figured I would share this fix anyway

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Oct 21, 2012
Andrew Peace apeace Make encoding optional for gitExec ce3ab73
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  1. +4 0 lib/git-fs.js
4 lib/git-fs.js
@@ -186,6 +186,10 @@ function getHeadSha(callback) {
186 186
187 187 // Internal helper to talk to the git subprocess
188 188 function gitExec(commands, encoding, callback) {
  189 + if (typeof callback === 'undefined') {
  190 + callback = encoding;
  191 + encoding = 'utf8';
  192 + }
189 193 commands = gitCommands.concat(commands);
190 194 var child = ChildProcess.spawn("git", commands);
191 195 var stdout = [], stderr = [];

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