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$HOME/.nvm used instead of introduced earlier NVM_TARGET.
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commit 2f6b0ca9d733832e0ee9c8761ed0d63ba4a150f4 1 parent 59c8eda
@witoldsz witoldsz authored
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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ else
-SOURCE_STR='[[ -s "$HOME/.nvm/" ]] && . "$HOME/.nvm/" # This loads NVM'
+SOURCE_STR='[[ -s "$NVM_TARGET/" ]] && . "$NVM_TARGET/" # This loads NVM'
koenpunt added a note

$NVM_TARGET does not expand to the variable set in the script, so the line appears as following in your profile:

[[ -s "$NVM_TARGET/" ]] && . "$NVM_TARGET/" # This loads NVM
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if [ -z "$PROFILE" ] || [ ! -f "$PROFILE" ] ; then
if [ -z $PROFILE ]; then

1 comment on commit 2f6b0ca


Ah, of course, you are right.
I was thinking, maybe the NVM_TARGET should be assigned only when it is unset. That would allow users to launch install script with NVM_TARGET being preset to location of their own... or... the install location could be the parameter of the script.

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