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Recommend version 0.8 in README.markdown.

Automatically install the latest available 0.8.x version.
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@@ -34,17 +34,17 @@ Often I also put in a line to use a specific version of node.
## Usage
-To download, compile, and install the v0.6.14 release of node, do this:
+To download, compile, and install the latest v0.8.x release of node, do this:
- nvm install 0.6.14
+ nvm install 0.8
And then in any new shell just use the installed version:
- nvm use 0.6.14
+ nvm use 0.8
Or you can just run it:
- nvm run 0.6.14
+ nvm run 0.8
If you want to see what versions are available:
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ To restore your PATH, you can deactivate it.
To set a default Node version to be used in any new shell, use the alias 'default':
- nvm alias default 0.6
+ nvm alias default 0.8
## License
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