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Hardcode latest version number into the install script.

Fixes #462.
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1 parent a7b6495 commit 638ae5c6fa00bd64caeaf44e529da4e069c516b7 @ljharb ljharb committed
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@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ install_nvm_from_git() {
echo "=> nvm is already installed in $NVM_DIR, trying to update"
printf "\r=> "
cd "$NVM_DIR" && (git pull 2> /dev/null || {
- echo >&2 "Failed to update nvm, run 'git pull' in $NVM_DIR yourself.."
+ echo >&2 "Failed to update nvm, run 'git pull' in $NVM_DIR yourself.." && exit 1
# Cloning to $NVM_DIR
@@ -45,11 +45,12 @@ install_nvm_from_git() {
mkdir -p "$NVM_DIR"
git clone "$NVM_SOURCE" "$NVM_DIR"
+ git checkout v0.10.0
install_nvm_as_script() {
if [ -z "$NVM_SOURCE" ]; then
mgol added a note

Do you have any automated process for tagging new releases? Little things like that are easily overlooked when manually releasing.

My thoughts exactly. Probably less error prone if you add a VERSION variable at the top of the file.

@ljharb Collaborator
ljharb added a note

Nope. There's no easy way I can think of to update it in the README,, package.json, and all at once - so my current process is ack OLD_VERSION and update all those :-)

If anyone wants to PR in an npm run command that will update all versions, that would be great.

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# Downloading to $NVM_DIR

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