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NVM inserts the path of current version node into $PATH, maintains the path when switching to another version.
I suggest that NVM could always maintain the path at the beginning of $PATH.

In my case of using tmux, it was all good without tmux. Once get into tmux, which opens a new shell, the value of $PATH of the source shell will be copied into the new shell. That would cause $PATH to always have the default node version located, then the NVM will become broken.

mexpolk commented Sep 23, 2013

Having the exact same problem. It's been two years now since this issue was reported... @jacksctsai What did you do to get this working?

d48 commented Dec 18, 2013

I was able to configure by resetting path after is called. I run tmux with oh-my-zsh shell

The commands to reset path is:

nvm deactivate # resets node path
nvm use 0.10 # sets node version to v0.10.12
ljharb commented Jul 9, 2014

Please reopen if this is still a problem on the latest tagged release.

@ljharb ljharb closed this Jul 9, 2014
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