Odd errors, but works - Mac OS X 10.7 #112

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Had a few strange errors that I wanted to enumerate for you (I am running zsh instead of bash):

First, when initially running . ~/.nvm/nvm.sh:
nvm_ls:17: no matches found: vdefault*

nvm list yields:

nvm_ls:17: no matches found: v*
current:    v0.6.11
nvm:177: no matches found: *

notwithstanding, nvm install v0.6.15 starts and finishes the installation of 0.6.15. Oddly at the very end I do receive the following success AND error:

'install' finished successfully (3.817s)
nvm: install v0.6.15 failed!

Yet, nvm use v0.6.15 yields:

Now using node v0.6.15
which node

Node seems to be working okay... however these odd issues are indeed haunting.


 nvm_ls:17: no matches found: vdefault*

Same issue with zsh on ubuntu.
Setting a default node version made the error message disappear. For example:

nvm alias default 0.6.15

I received...

nvm_ls:17: no matches found: vdefault*

...in zsh on Mac OS X 10.7

jlporter commented Jul 5, 2012

I'm seeing this as well with zsh on 10.7. It appears to go away after setting a default as mentioned above.

+1 on my zsh shell

nvm ls on OS X 10.8 with zsh 4.3.17 (x86_64-apple-darwin11.4.0):

v0.6.15 v0.8.6
current:    v0.8.6
default -> 0.6.15 (-> v0.6.15)
nvm_ls:17: no matches found: v--help*
list -> --help (-> N/A)

ljharb commented Jul 13, 2014

@ylluminate Can you check this on the latest tagged release of nvm (currently v0.10.0)?

Working now on nvm-0.10.0, thanks! Switched over Homebrew on OS X using brew install nvm & brew update nvm now and no more of the aforenoted oddities.

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ljharb commented Jul 14, 2014

Glad to hear it's working.

I don't maintain the homebrew formula, so I strongly discourage you from using homebrew to manage nvm. Please try installing it the (only) official way, via the curl command in the README.


koenpunt commented Jul 14, 2014

The Homebrew formula doesn't look that bad. It uses the tagged releases. Only thing I would change to that formula is that it creates a symlink from ~/.nvm => $(brew --prefix nvm).

Oh nm the symlink, brew only install the nvm.sh script.

So far if you mkdir ~/.nvm first, it seems to work really well in keeping your nodejs installs right in your home .nvm. really liking this so far as it keeps me from having to think about nvm maintenance and reminds me of when to update it.


ljharb commented Jul 14, 2014

@koenpunt Software imo should never be installed except by channels the software's official maintainer sanctions and/or maintains, even if it's "not that bad"


koenpunt commented Jul 14, 2014

Maybe we should be thinking of contributing to the brew installation instead of discouraging it then?


ljharb commented Jul 14, 2014

If you'd like to create a separate thread for it, we can discuss it there.

Big +1 for supporting vs discouraging. I really much prefer the way this works now vs the previous installation / update mechanism.

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