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needs a license #122

apotheon opened this Issue Jul 19, 2012 · 6 comments

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What license is used for nvm? If you're looking for suggestions, I'd recommend a copyfree license such as the Open Works License. Ruby itself uses the Simplified BSD License, another good copyfree license. If you want a patent clause in your license, try the TESLA.


Unless otherwise stated, my code on github is MIT licensed. I generally use Apache when I want a patent clause.

Out of curiosity, who are you? What's your goal? You clearly aren't familiar with my project, it has nothing to do with ruby. Also all your recent github activity is getting people to add explicit licenses. (not that that's a bad thing)

bronson commented Jul 19, 2012

Looks like it's this dude trying to drum up support for his OWL and TESLA licenses:

Exactly why he's doing it? Unclear to me.


Hm. I appear to have followed an incorrect link, then. I was looking for version managers for Ruby, and there's evidently one called nvm, and a link led me here -- but I think someone misidentified the link. Looking at the readme a bit more closely, I see it's a Node.js version manager -- which means it might be of use to me even though it's not a Ruby version manager. Thanks for clarifying the license, creationix (and I would have brought up the MIT/X11 License instead of the Simplified BSD License if I'd not made that rather embarrassing mistake of assuming it was a Ruby version manager based on the page that led me here).

My goal in having come here and commented, bronson, is to find a version manager for Ruby with a palatable license. I like the OWL, but I'm not specifically here to "drum up support" for it. What if I had suggested the WTFPL or the LGPL? Would you have said the same thing about either of those licenses and my intentions, or do you just have something against the OWL for some reason?

By the way, bronson, good job finding probably the most out-of-date piece of my online presence (to the extent that I forgot that page existed) of which I'm currently aware. I should just delete that, it's so far outside the realm of relevance now. I'm not sure what that has to do with your theory that I'm some kind of license spammer, though.

booo commented Jul 20, 2012

Anyway please add an appropriate licence file to the repository. Thanks in advance!


@apotheon thanks for explaining. I'm away from my workstation till next week. I updated the readme for now.


Thanks. I appreciate the attention to the issue.

@ljharb ljharb added a commit that closed this issue Aug 20, 2013
@ljharb ljharb Add LICENSE file. Closes #122. d6fe38a
@ljharb ljharb closed this in d6fe38a Aug 20, 2013
@trynity trynity pushed a commit to trynity/nvm that referenced this issue Nov 29, 2014
@ljharb ljharb Add LICENSE file. Closes #122. a0f10cd
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