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column command missing on SmartOS /Solaris #210

nisaacson opened this Issue · 4 comments

4 participants

Noah Isaacson Grigore Dutcovici shaohua Tim Caswell
Noah Isaacson

Solaris and thus SmartOS on Joyent do not have the column command available

nvm ls gives the error -bash: column: command not found

Not a huge deal since nvm still works but slightly annoying to see the error all the time

change line 127 of .nvm/
echo -e "$OUTPUT" | column to echo -e "$OUTPUT"
allows nvm to work correctly

Noah Isaacson

Also I was getting an error about not being installed. provides this lib file. I downloaded the file curl -O and copied libstdc++ into /opt/local/lib.

After doing this nvm installed correctly

Grigore Dutcovici

+1 for column issue, solution from first comment fix this.

Ubuntu Server v.13.04


same on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Solution from first comment fix this.

Tim Caswell creationix closed this
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