How to list all available node.js versions? #84

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ghost commented Nov 27, 2011

Is there a way to list all available node.js versions?

After updating the local cache of available node versions with nvm sync you can list all available versions with nvm ls

devinus commented Jan 24, 2012

nvm sync was removed unfortunately.

Sorry - I hadn't pulled in a while and didn't realize that :-/

What happens with just nvm ls then? After updating, my system still lists all versions with those installed in blue.


Ok, I'm just seeing the remnants left by the older version of nvm because once I uninstalled an older version of node it disappeared from the list.

Kinda strange to see this functionality removed...

devinus commented Jan 24, 2012

@s0nspark Yeah I don't like that it was removed. I've been considering forking nvm lately, which @creationix encourages.


ljharb commented Aug 20, 2013

nvm ls-remote

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namelus commented Oct 18, 2017


ljharb commented Oct 18, 2017

@namelus sure:

Running version 1.1.6.


nvm arch : Show if node is running in 32 or 64 bit mode.
nvm install [arch] : The version can be a node.js version or "latest" for the latest sta
ble version.
Optionally specify whether to install the 32 or 64 bit version (def
aults to system arch).
Set [arch] to "all" to install 32 AND 64 bit versions.
Add --insecure to the end of this command to bypass SSL validation
of the remote download server.
nvm list [available] : List the node.js installations. Type "available" at the end to see
what can be installed. Aliased as ls.
nvm on : Enable node.js version management.
nvm off : Disable node.js version management.
nvm proxy [url] : Set a proxy to use for downloads. Leave [url] blank to see the curr
ent proxy.
Set [url] to "none" to remove the proxy.
nvm node_mirror [url] : Set the node mirror. Defaults to Leave [u
rl] blank to use default url.
nvm npm_mirror [url] : Set the npm mirror. Defaults to
. Leave [url] blank to default url.
nvm uninstall : The version must be a specific version.
nvm use [version] [arch] : Switch to use the specified version. Optionally specify 32/64bit ar
nvm use will continue using the selected version, but switch
to 32/64 bit mode.
nvm root [path] : Set the directory where nvm should store different versions of node
If is not set, the current root will be displayed.
nvm version : Displays the current running version of nvm for Windows. Aliased as

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