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NodeJS sftp-server

Have you ever mounted a remote system over ssh and wondered what protocol it used to transfer the files.

More than likely it was the sftp protocol (not to be confused with ftp or ftps or ftp over ssh).

In order to be able to mount embedded devices that don't have openssh or ftpd, I'm implementing just the sftp server protocol in JavaScript.

To test this, run the sftp.js file on one terminal:

node sftp.js

Then in another terminal, try to mount it using sshfs.

sudo mkdir /media/nodejs
sudo chown tim:tim /media/nodejs
sshfs -o directport=6000 localhost:/home/tim /media/nodejs

Then from there explore your new nodeJS powered filesystem. If you hit a part of the protocol I haven't fully implemented, your sshfs client will lock hard.

To recover from a lock, kill sshfs and umount

killall -9 sshfs
sudo umount /media/nodejs -l

The killall will free up your processes that got blocked by sshfs.