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I seem to be having some problems with Wheat as of a couple days ago. I had it working on 0.4.0 for a few days and I'm not quite sure what changed exactly. Here's a breakdown of what's happening:

  1. I start the server. It work fine on the homepage.
  2. I click an article. It renders and works fine.
  3. Refreshing that first article works as well.
  4. Clicking on any other article will fail: Wheat goes through it's entire process, but a response containing only the String "undefined" is sent back to the client.
  5. Refreshing after that goes through a different stack trace (see below), but the same "undefined" response is sent back.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any article thereafter.... Fail!

Here's a gist containing the stacks:
first error is the stack from the first time an article is clicked and "undefined" is sent, or second error is the stack from every refresh after the first.

Hopefully you'll have some idea of what's going on here. Thanks in advance!


Nevermind on this. The problem seems to have gone away after updating to wheat v0.2.0. I could only reproduce it on my deployment server, and that was frustrating. So I'm glad it has sorted itself out.

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