Articles randomly return "undefined" to browser #25

Marak opened this Issue May 30, 2011 · 2 comments


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On our blog I've ran into this issue a few times. Wheat will sporadically return "undefined" to the browser instead of the appropriate article.

Refreshing the page will make the article load. Any ideas?


@Marak, I was experiencing this same thing once upon a time. See #21. Unfortunately I could never get down to the bottom of it and it kind of just sorted itself out after making sure everything was up to date. Hopefully the same goes for you!


Thanks @TooTallNate, I'll double check we are up to date. The issue has been cropping up and down for awhile, seems intermittent. It's definitely a strange one, I would love to see someone be able to reproduce it.

Also, completely should come to our Trampoline Dodgeball party this Wed! :-)

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