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I'm evaluating using wheat for a project that is pretty heavy with image galleries. How does it deal with that issue? I guess my ideal would be something like:

  • I can have a "gallery" page type
  • I can have a gallery of galleries at the top of the structure
  • I can dump a bunch of images of whatever sizes into a folder in it
  • jekyll will take care of processing the images into thumbnails and full-size(s) according to some settings in a config file somewhere (probably downscaling only)
  • on my gallery html page, I add whatever image viewer I want and wheat will take care of converting the list of files to a JSON object that's consumed by the slideshow plugin
    • or, I can use some kind of template just to show the images or thumbnails statically on the page.

Is this possible/easy? If not are there any static site generators that are good at this?

Thought of another "nice to have": it would be good to be able to specify meta data about the images somehow, though I suppose worst comes to worst, that could be done in JSON on the client side.

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