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I'm experimenting with static/git-backed blog engines, currently investigating Wheat by way of Jekyll. I like its minimalism and don't wish to compromise that beyond what is necessary, but I think that a few extra features might be added without doing so.

I'd like to tag posts with comma-delimited tags, then support URLs like "/tags/foo" for viewing posts with the specified tag.

I'd also like to have various connected sub-blogs hosted in the same repository, but with posts in different categories. For instance, would show all my posts, would show all posts in the podcasts category, would show a specific podcast from that specific subcategory...

I'm not sure what the best way to namespace these might be. Perhaps subdirectories in the articles/ directory? That would keep the various files and assets separate and make them easier to work with.

I'm also not immediately certain how Wheat blogs are configured, but perhaps a property could be set in app.js to denote the URL prefix for tags/categories if one is desired.


Wheat is meant to be an example of a node program, not a framework. That means it's fair game to modify it to suite your needs. Have fun adding functionality. Maybe you can share your changes with others. I'm not sure the best way to get what you want though. I havent thought much about it.


This should be closed now that #13 has been merged.

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