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Hi Tim,

I've been looking into the sources of and there I found wheat. I loved the idea of a blog engine entirely based on gitfs and markdown and, so, I decided to try it out and build my own personal blog.

As a result, I've added support of categories/tags into wheat. To work, it is only necessary to add the article's categories in the header of the markdown file, as comma-separated values. You can see an example here:
There is also a new route, '/category/#{value}', used to index articles in the selected category.

You can see it working here, in my personal blog written using wheat: .

Lastly, I would like to thank you by the many contributions you are doing in node.js, I'm learning a lot reading your code and!

Hope my changes are useful. Any doubts or problems, please let me know.





I was thinking of implementing this someday, but this looks like exactly the way I would have done it. Great job!


Awesome, this was on my todo list.


How do you add the "Categories" block?



Take a look at this example:

It's a post from my personal blog that uses wheat with the categories block.

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