A minimal "terminal-app" skeleton with maximum comfort.
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easy-terminal-app 1.6 Build Status

A minimal "terminal-app" with maximum comfort for me, you and all of our bash-scripting friends =)

This terminal application skeleton is meant for replacing endless switch-case instructions in your control-scripts. Why reinventing the wheel again and again.

It is minimal because it only depends on standard bash.

It has maximal comfort because:

  • easyly add a commands by creating bash scripts in a certain folder
  • automatic usage generation (greps command-scripts for specific markers)
  • use logging and colored outputs in your scripts
  • write tests for your scripts and run with travis or similar
  • easy customizing (ca. 300 lines of structured bash code)


  1. download this repo and extract or run git clone https://github.com/creative-workflow/easy-terminal-app.git
  2. cd easy-terminal-app
  3. ensure all files are executable chmod +x ./lib/* ./app ./app.bootstrap
  4. run ./app help


Usage: ./app [command] [help|*]
Available commands:
 du                     show diskusage
 help                   print help
 logs                   show app logs
 test                   run tests

 * edit `./bootstrap` for public configurations
 * create your private `./app.bootstrap.local` file to store sensitive data (make sure you add app.bootstrap.local to your `.gitignore` file ;)

Available libs:
 color                  helps dealing with colors in terminal
 command                helps dispatching commands in scripts/commands/*
 log                    helps writing and reading app logs
 os                     helps detecting current os (exports $is_osx, $is_win, $is_linux)
 test                   helper for running tests

Add new command

Create a new file in the folder lin/commands named ls and add the following lines:


#command-info: show directory listening of .

ls .

This adds a new command named ls which simply prints the directory listening of current directory.

Make sure your new commands is executable by running chmod +x ./lin/commands/*.

And now your new command will be listed under help, run ./app help.


use logging in your scripts

  • source "$TERMINAL_PATH/app.bootstrap"
  • log_info "log entry" displays green text in the terminal
  • log_debug "log entry" displays orange text in the terminal
  • log_error "log entry" displays red text in the terminal

enable log to file

  • all log_* calls can also be logged to file (./logs/[%m_%d_%Y].app.log)
  • enable this by opening the file ./app.bootstrap and set TERMINAL_APP_LOG_ENABLED to 1

show logs

  • run ./app logs tail to tail the latest log file
  • you can also pass params to tail: ./app logs tail -n100
  • there is also ./app logs head and ./app logs cat available
  • to see the log command help run ./app logs help


Tests are located under ./lib/test/*. You can execute all tests by running ./app test.

add a tests

Just duplicate the file ./lib/test/test_help_command and write your own test.

Make sure your new test is executable by running chmod +x ./lib/test/*.

how tests work

A test file executes some commands and it's exit code will be used to determine if a test was successfull or not. Exit code 0 (exit 0) means no errors and any other exit code (1-254) indicates that the test failed.


  • add advanced command creation guide
  • extend testing capabilities by adding assert functions to ./lib/lib/test.



  • add file_path_to_name and file_name_to_path


  • prefix lib function variables with __, less clashes


  • hide commands that start with _
  • add helper for file handling in lib/lib/file


  • use absolut path every where, so recursion will be no problem
  • rename scripts folder to lib
  • rename bootstrap file to app.bootstrap
  • rename bootstrap.local file to app.bootstrap.local
  • add some helpers for git in lib/lib/git
  • add some helpers for ssh and scp in lib/lib/ssh


  • run all commands when testing
  • source 'bootstrap.local' if present and add to gitingore


  • disable log to file per default
  • dont create log folder if log to file is disabled
  • add say_ok and say_failed to lib/color
  • dont show lib info when printing help
  • auto load all files in lib folder


  • initial release