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CV in terminal interface.
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CV in Terminal interface

This is an simple experiment to create a terminal interface of your CV. The commplete application is developed on MVC pattern using BackboneJS MV* model. I have also used Requirejs to add dependency management to the application so that it can load templates and modules dynamically.

Here are the list of Open source frameworks and tooling I have used

  • BackboneJS
  • RequireJS
  • Custom build script
  • Mocha
  • SASS / Compass

Each command is a module on its own and its very simple to write more modules. I will more documentation very soon.


To create a module you will need a javascript file and a html template file. If you want to load static content from a html file you don't need to write javascript module. I have included a generic module to load html content.

Step 1

Add command information into data/command.json

Load static content

	"command": "about",
	"alias": "(abt)",
	"parameters": "[no parameters]",
	"description": "read more about me",
	"module": "Pages",
	"action": "View",
	"params" : {
		"template" : "about"

Dynamic module command

  "command": "web",
  "alias": "(w)",
  "parameters": "[keywords]",
  "description": "Command to search results from google serach api",
  "module": "Google",
  "action": "View",
  "params": ""


The project use module and script writen in requirejs pattern and each module code is written in a separate file. You can use the build script to compile and optimize all external javascript file into one single file.


Note: you might need to change the permission of the build file. Use :

chmod +x


  • Write few more useful modules and command
  • Write a grunt task to precompile all template file during build proccess to reduce the latency in the loading and reandering of the view
  • I need to write proper documentation on usage of the code.
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