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Localization data for CC's deeds and license chooser
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Creative Commons i18n Tools

Author:Nathan R. Yergler <>
Organization:Creative Commons
Copyright:2007, Nathan R. Yergler, Creative Commons; licensed to the public under the Expat/MIT license.

Package Contents

This package provides the localization dataset for the Creative Commons website, along with a set of tools to manage translations. For historical reasons the CC site templates use abstract string identifiers (ie, "") instead of the customary English text. Many tools are available for gettext catalogs which assume that the English text is the identifier; the tools included convert between the different formats.

In addition to the tools, the dataset is maintained in two different formats. The po directory contains the gettext .po files in the traditional format, with English text as the string identifiers. The i18n directory contains the gettext .po files in the Creative Commons format, with abstract string identifiers.


The toolset uses zc.buildout to assemble the software and its dependencies. Buildout will download and install any dependencies needed and install them in the local checkout directory.

To prepare the tools for use:

  1. Clone this repository and change directory into it

  2. Run the boostrap script:

  3. Run the newly generated buildout script:

  4. Create a virtual environment within the repository:

    virtualenv .
  5. Activate the virtual environment:

    source bin/activate
  6. Install the transifex client:

    pip install transifex-client

After the buildout process completes the tools will be available in a bin sub-directory. Note that the buildout process "bakes in" explicit paths to any downloaded dependencies; if you move your installation to another location on the filesystem, you must repeat the buildout process.

Managing Translations

Translations are managed through the master .po file and a set of tools.

To add or change translations, edit master/cc_org.po. After editing translations, run the sync script:


This script will update all files in the po directory with changes to the strings, as well as master/cc_org.po.bak. The .bak file is used to track changes in the English text of strings. For this reason it is important that the master files are committed along with the updated .po files.

Deploying Updated Translations

In order to deploy updated translations, the "normal" .po files need to be converted to CC style files. This is handled by the po2cc script:


Updating Translations

  1. Change directory into the repository

  2. Ensure the repository is up-to-date:

    git pull
  3. Activate the virtual environment:

    source bin/activate
  4. Pull in new translations:

    tx pull -a --mode developer
  5. Commit changes:

    git commit -a -m "Latest i18n updates from Transifex"
  6. Push changes back to origin:

    git push origin master
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