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Creative Commons plugin for WordPress

This is a WordPress plugin to assist you to choose a Creative Commons license for your blog or website.

Download the latest version from this projects releases.


  • License your blog (single WordPress install)
  • License your WordPress Network (WordPress Multisite install)
  • License some of your sites differently in your WordPress Network
  • License all your content with the same license (license per author)
  • License some posts or page differently from your default license (per content license)
  • Prevent license changes in your WordPress Network (all content on all sites need to use the same license)
  • Prevent license changes per site (all content on a site must use the same license)

At this moment the plugin allows you to license WordPress content such as posts and pages but no media files (yet).

Possible future features

Here's a list of some features we'd love to add to this plugin or support in a separate (child) plugin. If you'd like these or other features to be implemented you may consider supporting this plugin with code contributions, testing or funding Creative Commons for further development.

  • Allow media files to be licensed
  • Allow to search (using external search engines) for specific Creative Commons licensed media files

Code of Conduct

The Creative Commons team is committed to fostering a welcoming community. This project and all other Creative Commons open source projects are governed by our Code of Conduct. Please report unacceptable behavior to per our reporting guidelines.




If you're interested in the code have a look at the master branch for the releases. Development will be done in the development branch.

Occasionally other branches may be available to test new features or play with new ideas, but they may be deleted anytime so don't rely on those branches.


This plugin is loosely based on an existing, but seemingly abandoned WordPress plugin named 'License' (a component of the MIT Educational Collaboration Space project) by mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine) and Brett Mellor. We're also inspired by Creative Commons' original wordpress-cc-plugin written by former Creative Commons CTO Nathan Yergler.


Main development work by:

  • Tarmo Toikkanen
  • Bjorn Wijers

On behalf of Creative Commons:

  • Matt Lee
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