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How to vouch applicants for membership in the Network

Guidelines for acting on vouch requests by applicants for membership in the Network

  • To become a member of the CC Global Network (Individual or Institutional), applicants must agree to abide with the Charter, provide some track record of serving as an active contributor to the CC movement, and have been vouched for by two current network members.
  • You, as a member, may vouch -support the application of- new members seeking to become part of the Network.
  • Vouching for an applicant is not an automatic process, it’s an act of trust and affirmative statement about the individual or institution’s ability to contribute positively to the CC Global Network.
  • You must never use impermissible criteria for deciding whether to vouch or not vouch for an individual or institution. In particular, you must abide by the Evaluation Criteria Applicable to Vouchers and the Membership Council (interim and permanent), set forth below.
  • You will be asked to affirmatively state that you are acting consistent with those criteria when you vouch for an individual or institution.
  • When someone asks you to vouch for their membership, please consider the following:
Criteria Examples
Generally: That you know this person or this institution and their history of working in furtherance of CC ideals sufficiently such that you are comfortable vouching for them based on the specific criteria below. Are you willing to work with this person or institution without reservation?
That the person or organization applying is committed to the values and principles stated in the [CC Charter and would be a productive, prosocial member of the Global Network]( You are familiar with the person or organization and you reasonably believe she will comply with the values and principles of the Charter.
That the person or organization applying presents a proven record of contributing to the CC movement. - The person or organization has dedicated efforts to stewarding the licenses - The person has developed or promoted OER projects in the past. - The person has been a long time contributor to copyright reform consistent with CC’s mission
That the person or organization applying will add value to the Global Network. - The person is providing expertise in an area involving "open" or the “commons” in which CC doesn't have many voices - The applicant is connected to related organizations that operate in the sphere of “open” and the “commons”, with which we may work in the future to advance CC’s mission - The person has demonstrated that they have capabilities or expertise that are relevant to the work of the Global Network

Your decisions and actions in the course of vouching or refusing to vouch for an applicant should be based on the best interests of CC and the CCGN, and not based on personal relationships or benefits. Avoid situations where your personal activities and relationships conflict, or appear to conflict, with these interests, including situations where you may have or appear to have an indirect conflict through. We expect at a minimum that you avoid vouching or declining to vouch for an individual with which you have a significant personal relationship or to whom you are related, and in the case of institutional applications vouching or declining to vouch for an entity with which you have an employment or contractual relationship. These are minimum guidelines. We trust you to use your best judgment, but if you have questions feel free to contact

Evaluation Criteria Applicable to Vouchers and the Membership Council (interim and permanent)

Creative Commons is an organization committed to the freedom and equality of individuals, no matter their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, age, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, immigration status, or other protected category. Accordingly, you may not take any such factors, or any other factors prohibited by applicable law, in consideration when vouching for or refusing to vouch for an applicant. Similarly, Creative Commons encourages persons to speak up if they in good faith report violations of law. You may not take an applicant's whistleblower activity into consideration in vouching for or declining to vouch for an applicant.

Pursuant to the terms of the Master Privacy Policy and Express Consent, the following personal information may be collected about you as a voucher or as a member of the Membership Council, including but not limited to:

  • Name.
  • Email address;
  • Information on how you know the candidate;
  • Country you have identified with or are located;
  • URLs and links to social media; and
  • Any other information that you elect to provide.

All personal information that was submitted and collected for the purpose of vouching or declining to vouch for an applicant will be deleted after 21 days from the time a decision is made by the Membership Council about the applicant (whether positive or negative), with the exception of actual vote of the voucher (only Boolean data is preserved, but none of the personal statements the voucher may have provided are).

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, we are happy to help you by email at Or you can always check the updated documentation in our Github page.