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Role Description for Chapter Lead (or Chapter Coordinator) and GNC Representative

To serve as a Chapter Lead and/or GNC Representative, one must be an Individual Member of the CC Global Network. A Chapter Lead might also take on the role of a GNC Representative but is not required to do so.

Role Description for Chapter Lead or Chapter Coordinator

The CC Chapter Lead or Coordinator is the responsible person for coordinating and communicating on behalf of the CC Chapter regarding its activities. This person will be the main point of contact for the group of volunteers working in that country. The Coordinator will be selected via processes established by the members of the Chapter and consistent with the Chapter Guidelines. They are selected for a period, likely 1 or 2 years, to be determined by the GNC at a later date.

A Chapter Lead or Coordinator should:

  • Lead the coordination and management of the Chapter, both in terms of governance and activities
  • Serve as the main point of contact for CC HQ, maintaining regular lines of communication and responding to inquiries of HQ within a reasonable period of time

Additionally to that, that role may help to

  • Ensure that there are effective communication channels in place to field questions about CC from the local public, potential adopters, and the media
  • Welcome and help engage all new Country Contributors, Individual Members, and Institutional Members in the Chapter
  • Help ensure that everyone working on behalf of the Chapter is complying with the Charter and the Chapter Guidelines, as well as other applicable policies
  • Work toward consensus across the Chapter whenever possible and be inclusive and respectful to everyone who wants to be a productive contributor
  • Ensure that the Chapter website is updated regularly
  • Organize, and assign responsibilities for handling Chapter-specific tasks, such as website administration.

Role Description for the Global Network Council Representative

The Global Network Council (“GNC”) Representative is an individual who serves as representative of the CC Chapter on the Global Network Council. This individual must be an Individual Member of the CC Global Network and a participant in the CC Chapter. This individual is elected via processes established by the Chapter and consistent with the Chapter Guidelines. They are elected for a period, likely 1 or 2 years, to be determined at a later date.

The GNC Representative is not an employee or contractor of the Chapter, CC HQ, or GNC, but is an unpaid volunteer absent other funding arrangements.

The GNC Representative plays a strategic role on the CC Network structure, and his/her primary responsibilities are:

  • Actively participate in the international structure of the CC Network, attending to the GNC meetings providing insights and feedback to the development of the network and its objectives.
  • Regularly report on Chapter accomplishments and activities to the GNC.

Additionally to that, the GNC Representative is encouraged to:

  • Identify opportunities and priorities for the Network and its Chapter to act or intervene in certain activities
  • Provide a diverse voice in the decision making processes of the CC Network, making sure all voices are heard and the network priorities and decisions are connected with the voices and priorities of different regions
  • Contribute to the growth of the network beyond just the Chapter, identifying opportunities for growth, for adding up new members, and develop new projects, as well as identify funding opportunities.

As a reference, an ideal candidate ideally has experience in the following areas:

  • A deep understanding of Creative Commons, its origins, its legal tools, and a firm commitment to the new Global Network;
  • Prior involvement with a local CC affiliate organization or, if not, experience with free-standing CC community projects in the country or region, such as CC Salons and related events, advocacy and similar;
  • Awareness of the community members and their activities within the country he/she seeks to represent, with a sense of how to best organize and empower those members to achieve CC’s goals in the country and region;
  • Cultural sensitivity and patience -- recognizes that this is a new structure with many newcomers, willing to keep an open mind and dedicated to ensuring all voices are heard; and
  • Investment in the long-term success of the new structure, good communication and organizational skills, multi-lingual (where necessary within a particular country) a plus.