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The Executive Committee of the Global Network Council

This group is made by members of the Global Network Council elected by their peers to serve.

The Executive Committee consists of nine (9) members. The Executive Committee consist of the CEO of Creative Commons, two staff or board members appointed by the CEO of Creative Commons, and six Council Representatives elected by the Council, one of whom shall be the Chair of the Council.

The term shall be one year, and the Executive Committee shall be appointed annually at the Annual Meeting of the Council. The Council shall strive to appoint Council Representatives that fairly represent the geographic, cultural, racial and gender diversity of the CCGN, and consider the CCGN’s goal of supporting opportunities for new contributors to participate in all aspects of the CCGN. All members of the Executive Committee shall have voting rights on matters within its purview. The Council has a Charter governing the work and operations of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act for the full Council on all matters between Council meetings. The Chair of the Council shall also serve as Chair of the Executive Committee.

This group is composed by:

  • Liz Oyange (CC Kenya)
  • Lisette Kalshoven (CC Netherlands)
  • Jorge Gemetto (CC Uruguay)
  • Franco Giadana (CC Argentina)
  • Ethan Senack (CC US)
  • Alek Tarkovski (CC Poland)
  • CC CEO - HQ Representative
  • Delia Browne (Australia) - HQ Representative
  • Claudio Ruiz (Chile) - HQ Representative