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The Membership Committee

The Membership Committee consists of fifteen (15) individuals comprised as follows: twelve (12) members of the CCGN, including the Chair of the GNC together with elected Council Representatives; the CEO of Creative Commons; and the CC Global Network Manager and the CC Director of Ecosystem Strategy. In addition, the General Counsel of Creative Commons or their designee shall serve as an ex officio non-voting member of the Committee. The Council shall strive to appoint members that fairly represent the geographic, cultural, racial and gender diversity of the CCGN, and consider the CCGN’s goal of supporting opportunities for new contributors to participate in all aspects of the CCGN.

The responsibilities of the Membership Committee includes, among other matters, handling inquiries and disputes related to membership or participation in the CCGN or a Chapter, including membership applications and allegations and appeals involving violations of the Charter and Chapter policies and procedures. The list of responsibilities shall be set forth in the Charter of the Membership Committee.

This group is composed by:

  • Ilkay Holt (Turkey / Europe)
  • Irene Soria Guzmán (Mexico / Latin America and Caribbean)
  • Rock Hung (Taiwan / Asia-Pacific)
  • Christina Hendricks (Canada / North America)
  • Evelyn Del Pinal (El Salvador / Latin America and Caribbean)
  • Jessica Stevens (Australia / Asia-Pacific)
  • Mostafa Azad Kamal (Bangladesh / Asia-Pacific)
  • Kayode Yussuf (Nigeria / Africa)
  • Kamel Belhamel (Algeria / Africa)
  • Emmanuel Malongo (Tanzania / Africa)
  • Franco Giandana (Argentina / Latin America and Caribbean)
  • CC CEO - HQ Representative
  • Diane Peters (US, North America) - HQ Representative
  • Claudio Ruiz (Chile, Latin America and Caribbean) - HQ Representative
  • Simeon Oriko (Kenya, Africa) - HQ Representative