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Documentation for CC integration into user-generated content platforms


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The Platform Toolkit is a material to guide content sharing platforms when adding the option of CC licensing. These aren't hard-set requirements, but suggestions on how to make the implementation smooth for users and platform alike. The process towards building it was described in a series of blog posts on the CC Open Source blog.

Getting started

The toolkit is placed in the docs/ folder along with a frozen copy of the Vocabulary stylesheets. The site is predominately self-contained. You should be able to see nearly accurate rendering by cloning this repository and opening docs/index.html in your browser.

Code of conduct

The Creative Commons team is committed to fostering a welcoming community. This project and all other Creative Commons open source projects are governed by our Code of Conduct. Please report unacceptable behavior to per our reporting guidelines.



Hosting and Deployment

Within both the Creative Commons production and staging environments, the docs/ directory is served by the NGINX web server. The Creative Commons production and staging environments are managed using SaltStack (see the nginx.misc state for specifics). SaltStack ensures the repository clone is at the most recent version for the configured branch when the state is applied.


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