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This document is intended to provide the rationale for a platform through which the Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) and GLAM organisations can engage in activities related to releasing their content.

The support for an Open GLAM platform was initially discussed at the 2017 CC Global Summit session “A GLAM platform in the new global network structure”, and has been progressed in a number of calls with interested partners and organizations.

Goals and Objectives

The Open GLAM platform is an area of work or activity to:

  • Share resources and enhance collaboration between different actors working on the GLAM sector to release and free, to the extent possible, their digital collections;
  • Progres the discussion of policy positions over how the GLAM sector can be more effective on releasing content and defending the public domain, the right to remix and reuse cultural works and the right to freely interpret cultural history by enhancing full access to cultural works.

Achievements - what has been done so far

  1. Stewarding the @openglam twitter account, with the help of collaborators that rotate bi-weekly and contribute content. More info here.
  2. Finished the survey over the "OpenGLAM Principles", processing results.
  3. Working CC GLAM certificates.
  4. Exploring ways to open up the OpenGLAM calls.

Current status

  1. Working on Version 1.0 of the Working document:
  2. Trying to identify other areas of activities where CC's help could foster discussions.

Activities plan (if applicable)

Communication channels - how to be updated

Resources - where to find more info, documentation, etc.:

Next meeting/call:

  • Currently there's no next meeting scheduled.