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Creative Commons Network: Open Education Platform

Invitation to Join!

JOIN! / Communication Channels

  • Open Education Platform Mailing List
  • IM channel: sign up here. It will send you an invitation email. You can then sign up to the #cc-openedu channel.
  • Open Source IM option (IRC): To join the #creativecommons-openedu IRC channel, just connect via Freenode. (If you have any questions, ask “robmyers” on slack or IRC.)
  • Hashtag: #ccopenedu


  • See: Working Document

  • In early 2017, the Creative Commons Global Network (CCGN) completed a consultation process of renewing and reorganizing itself to support a strong and growing global movement. The year-long process resulted in the CCGN Global Network Strategy. Part of the new strategy is to establish defined areas of focus, or “platforms,” which will drive CC’s global activities. This document is a set of draft ideas to launch a CC Global Network Open Education Platform.

Goals and Objectives

Achievements (what has been done so far)

  • Launched the platform at the 2017 CC Summit.
  • Monthly meetings.
  • Communications setup (see below).
  • Growing membership through targeted invitations. 690th member joined in Feburary, 2018!

Current status

  • Recruiting members. All are welcome.

Activities plan

Resources (where to find more info, documentation, etc.)

Next Meeting / Call