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  1. Gather information via Google Forms.
  2. Review and copy-edit that information in Google Sheets.
  3. Update the data in jekyll/_data by running ./scripts/ .
  4. Commit the resulting changes to git, e.g. git commit -a -m "Latest changes" . Then push them, e.g. git push origin master .
  5. On the server, fetch the latest changes using git pull.
  6. Build the site and copy it into place by running ./scripts/ . This will ask for your password in order to run sudo when copying the built files into position.

When working with countries, make sure to use the same name for the country in all the spreadsheets. For the purposes of this project, a "Country" is something that is named in , mentioned below. This means that (for example) we must use "United Kingdom" rather than "Scotland" or "Wales". Where "Jurisdiction" is an option this can be used to more accurately describe the resource's origin. I (RobM) apologize for this.


There are three sets of spreadsheets

Google Form Results

These are the results of people completing the Google Forms. Pay special attention to whether the contributor has selected the option to receive credit or not

Google Sheets

These are the Google sheets that details are copied to from the Results spreadsheets and given editorial attention on.

Do not copy the contributor's name into these if they have not selected the option to receive credit.

To export data from these sheets, run ./scripts/ as described above.

CSV Documents in _data

These are the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format spreadsheets in jekyll/_data that we use to build the pages.

Apart from countries.csv, do not edit the content of these files, rather edit the Google Sheets then export them and copy them into position.



The list of countries we have data for. If a country is not listed here, its data will not be used.


The uppercase two-letter code for the country (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). See .


The name of the country. This should be in English. See .


Optional text to be included in the country page.

Used Software


International reversionary rights resources site.



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