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Creative Commons Site Reliability Engineering WordPress Data Pull
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Creative Commons Site Reliability Engineering WordPress Data Pull

⚠️ Destroys and replaces destination data

Code of Conduct

The Creative Commons team is committed to fostering a welcoming community. This project and all other Creative Commons open source projects are governed by our Code of Conduct. Please report unacceptable behavior to per our reporting guidelines.




  1. Destination web hosting and WordPress are configured independently (ex. by SaltStack)
    • wp-config.php is already setup
    • user is a member of www-data
    • WP-CLI is installed on the destination host
  2. WordPress source data was created using /states/wordpress/files/ found in the creativecommons/sre-salt-prime repository.


  1. Optionally, run on the source host
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Make a copy of one of the appropriate config_examples/ and replace FILEPATH and USERNAME
  4. Execute script with config file as only argument. For example:
    ./ chapters__stage


(Only documenting CLI utitilities here. There are also many WordPress plugins devoted to migrating, mirroring, and syncing.)

  • jplew/SyncDB: Bash script meant to take the tedium out of deploying and updating database-driven (eg Wordpress) websites. It rapidly synchronizes local and remote versions of a MySQL database, performs the necessary search and replace queries, then synchronizes all your uploads/binaries.


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