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Contributing to CC Open Source

Thank you for your interest in contributing to CC Vocabulary! This document is a set of guidelines to help you contribute to this project.

Code of Conduct

By participating in this project, you are expected to uphold our Code of Conduct, which can be found on our website and also in the repository in the file

Project Documentation

The file describes the goals and introduces the project. Further documentation is present in the form of .md files placed in the folder structure as well as in the form of code comments.

Instructions pertaining to development such as the procedure to set up a copy of the codebase and a running instance locally on your machine can be found in

How to Contribute

Please follow the processes in our general Contributing Code guidelines on the Creative Common Open Source website.

Contributions in terms of code, documentation and translations are welcome!

In addition to this, read the and files in the repository for instructions.

Questions or Thoughts?

Talk to us on our developer mailing list or Slack community.

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