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Update textual references to recognise contributions in translation

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@@ -19,14 +19,16 @@ structure as well as in the form of code comments.

Instructions pertaining to development such as the procedure to set up a copy of
the codebase and a running instance locally on your machine can be found in

## How to Contribute

Please follow the processes in our general [Contributing Code][contributing]
guidelines on the Creative Common Open Source website.

In addition to this, read the `` and `` files in the
Contributions in terms of code, documentation and translations are welcome!

In addition to this, read the `` and `` files in the
repository for instructions.

@@ -88,6 +88,12 @@ $ npm run lint
$ npm run test:unit

If translations are to be changed, update the `.json` files under individual
components for component-level translations or the `.json` files in `locales/`
for global-level translations.

New locales must be manually added to the `Locale` component.

**Step 4:**
Push the commits to your branch on the fork and submit a PR. Fill all relevant
fields in the PR template.
fields in the PR template.
@@ -53,10 +53,10 @@ Styleguide shows all variations of the `Heading` component.
Styleguide shows the various colors tokens that are part of the library.

## Contributing code
## Contributing code, documentation and translation

For instructions regarding contributing code to the project, read the file
[``]( in the repository.
For instructions regarding contributing to the project, read the file
[``]( in the repository.

## Disclaimer

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