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Creative Commons - Chapter WordPress theme

  • Contributors: quentinrogers, mackaffinity, cctimidrobot, hugosolar
  • Tags: CreativeCommons
  • Requires at least: 4.5+
  • Tested up to: 5.0.3
  • Requires PHP: 7.0
  • License: GPLv2 or later
  • License URI:

Creative Commons Chapter site theme (including chapter sites setup, taxonomies, and widget code)

Development Installation

This theme uses npm, gulp, and browserify to manage dependencies.

Versions of node and npm we know work:

  • npm 3.3.12
  • node 5.4.1

To install gulp:

  • run npm install -g gulp

To build the js/css:

  • run npm install to download the 3rd party libs in package.json
  • during development:
    • run gulp in the background, i.e. run gulp in a terminal and leave it running. It will automatically recompile css/app.css files as you edit the src files.
  • when preparing for production:
    • run gulp dist to create minified css/app.css files.
  • also update the CC_CSS_RELEASE_SERIAL_NUMBER at the top of functions.php to purge the caches.

Standalone installation


  • Composer
  • node / npm (yarn also works)
  • git

Clone the repository into your wp-content/themes

> git clone

then, go to the directory (cd wp-theme-cc-chapter ) and execute composer install

> composer install

Composer will install the required dependencies such as

  • Queulat
  • Twentysixteen

Once composer finished to install dependencies a new directory called queulat will be created in wp-content/mu-plugins To enable this plugin you should create a queulat.php file in wp-content/mu-plugins with the following content:

 * Plugin Name: Queulat Loader
 * Description: Load Queulat mu-plugin

// Load Composer autoloader
require_once __DIR__ .'/../themes/wp-theme-cc-chapter/vendor/autoload.php';

// Load Queulat main file.
require_once __DIR__ .'/queulat/queulat.php';

note: if you chose a different directory name for theme repository you should replace wp-theme-cc-chapter for the chosen folder name

Once queulat ins installed, you should install its javascript dependencies by executing

> npm install --production


> yarn install --prod

Zip install

You can download the zip of this theme and dependencies in the last release in the repository

Please unzip the downloaded file and copy/upload directories to the wordpress install in the following order:

  • zip > wp-theme-cc-chapter > mu-plugins -> wp-content/mu-plugins/
  • zip > wp-theme-cc-chapter > themes/wp-theme-cc-chapter -> wp-content/themes/wp-theme-cc-chapter
  • zip > wp-theme-cc-chapter > themes/twentysixteen -> wp-content/themes/twentysixteen