A full-stack Node.js web framework written in TypeScript




Crea is a full-stack Node.js web framework written in TypeScript. It is specifically designed for developing the backend REST APIs of web applications.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, Crea provides a solid foundation that simplifies and integrates existing libraries commonly used in Node.js development. Crea integrates the Koa web framework and Squell, a type-safe wrapper for the Sequelize SQL ORM, to provide a completely promise-driven API that supports the async/await paradigm.

Crea extends Koa 2.x with additional functionality, but Koa's core functionality remains the same. This means you can use any official or third-party Koa middleware with Crea. By default, Crea applications have the following Koa middleware enabled:


npm install --save crea


The API documentation generated using TypeDoc is available online.

To generate API documentation from the code into the docs directory, run:

npm run docs


First install the library dependencies and the SQLite3 library:

npm install
npm install sqlite3

To execute the test suite using SQLite as the backend, run:

npm run test