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Simple authorization plugin for Ruby on Rails applications that by default includes basic authorization and 3 provider authorization with Latvia social network, and


Add to your Gemfile and run the bundle command to install it.

gem "authorizme"

Run authorizme install generator from your app folder

rails g authorizme:install

That will install:

  • config file authorizme.rb in to config/initializers
  • User model with acts_as_authorizme method
  • migrations for authorizme

Then migrate your database rake db:migrate

Requires Ruby 1.9.2 or later and Rails 3.2.1 or later.


Getting started


To authorize user with basic authorization, post email and password to /authorizme/sessions. (if you have another namespace, use /{your_namespace}/sessions)

To authorize user with providers, use /authorizme/login/{provider_name}. Before that you MUST set your api keys and secrets to those providers in config/initializers

To register user with basic authorization you can just save data to your user model and then call login(user) from your controller.

Using roles

Also you can set roles. Just add some roles in Role model and then set it to user. In controller you can use before_filter method require_user or require_{role} where role is your required role name.

Advanced usage


You can sync your accounts. If user login with another provider on existing user session, then plugin will set synchronize request. You can call has_synchronize_request? and check if there's any new request. Then you can call 'synchronize(user)' to user model.

Also you can use synchronize without requests (synchronous synchronize). Just add get param synchronize=true in login url (e.c. /authorizme/login/twitter?synchronize=true).

Custom provider callback view

By default providers use callback view which require JQuery and require eventBus in window dom element:

<script type="text/javascript">
  $(document).ready(function() {
	if (window.opener.eventBus) {

You can override this by creating new view: views/authorizme/authorizme/popup.html.erb.

Custom providers

You can implement your own provider:

  1. Create controller under model Authorizme::Login and extend AuthorizmeController.
  2. You must implement auth and callback methods, where auth is method which redirect user to provider and callback get data from provider callback data.
  3. Then you must add your provider namespace in authorizme config file in array providers.

Password reset

Use /authorizme/password_resets (if you have another namespace, use /{your_namespace}/password_resets) controller to create a password reset token and send it to user. You can overide send_password_reset_notification method in user model to send an email with password_reset_token . The password reset token will expire after 2 hours.


Questions or problems? Please post them on the issue tracker. You can contribute changes by forking the project and submitting a pull request. You can ensure the tests passing by running bundle and rake.

This gem is created by Arturs Braucs @ Creative Mobile and is under the MIT License.

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