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This extension is only maintained for already-live integrations. We recommend that you upgrade to our latest integration. See :ref:`migration_checkout_v2` for more details.


If you are looking for the information on how to migrate from the dropped Magento Connect / Marketplace please refer to :ref:`migrating-from-magento-connect` section.


If you are looking for the information on how to migrate to the new Amazon Checkout v2 please refer to :ref:`migration_checkout_v2` section.


Pre-installation steps

Installation process

Installation via Magento Connect Manager



.. centered:: ``

and click :guilabel:`Install` button. Magento Connect Manager will validate the key and check the extension dependencies and will display a pre-installation summary. Click :guilabel:`Proceed` button to start the installation.


  • After the successful installation, please click on :guilabel:`Refresh` button to refresh the list of the installed extensions and assure that Login and Pay with Amazon (identified as Creativestyle_AmazonPayments) is listed on that list.


Manual installation


If you are using any VCS (git, svn, mercurial) for versioning your shop basecode, you can also commit the content of the downloaded file to the VCS repository and next deploy it to your shop.

Post-installation steps

Voila! The Login and Pay with Amazon extension shall be installed now. You can proceed to the :ref:`configuration` followed by :ref:`customization-frontend-templates` and :ref:`customization-email-templates` customization (if applicable).


Pre-upgrade steps

  1. Create a backup of your shop before proceeding to upgrade.
  2. If your shop utilises compilation (you can check it in :menuselection:`System --> Tools --> Compilation`), disable it please before proceeding to upgrade.

Migrating from Magento Connect / Marketplace


In a nutshell: You have to uninstall the previous plugin version first. Then install the most recent version with a new extension key:



Upgrade process



Post-upgrade steps

Version 3.0.2 comes with a significant change to the payment processing workflow (comparing to versions 1.x and 2.x). Prior to version 3.x the payment authorization was requested during placing the order (i.e. right after clicking :guilabel:`Save order` button in the checkout), thus in synchronous and optimized authorization mode (assuming there wasn't transaction timed out error), the order ended up with the immediate authorization result.

Since the Strong Customer Authentication (derived from the PSD2 directive) was introduced in version 3.0.2, the authorization is requested after the order is actually placed. Thus, it may happen that the order payment remains unauthorized for a longer time unless the buyer finishes his Multi-Factor Authentication challenge. This change has to be considered for passing the order to the fulfillment process, to avoid fulfilling the orders that haven't been actually paid. As stated in :ref:`workflow-authorization` section, it is always advised to start fulfilling the order after the authorization is confirmed, which, in the default configuration, is reflected by the "Processing" order status.

Upgrade to 3.x troubleshooting

After upgrade to 3.x, when the buyer clicks Amazon Pay button in the cart, he is redirected to the customer dashboard instead of the checkout.

  1. Please make sure that your webserver serves the most recent version of the js/creativestyle/amazonpayments.min.js file. Some webservers (as well as CDNs) are caching static assets, so it may happen that your shop serves an outdated version of the frontend JS application.
  2. If you are using custom layout or template files for Amazon Pay, make sure that your customizations are compliant with the recent changes in the extension. The easiest way to check is your customization is the case is to delete following files as after refreshing Magento cache, see if this resolves your issue:
  • app/design/frontend/CUSTOMPACKAGE/CUSTOMTHEME/layout/amazonpayments.xml
  • app/design/frontend/CUSTOMPACKAGE/CUSTOMTHEME/template/creativestyle/amazonpayments/js.phtml
  • app/design/frontend/CUSTOMPACKAGE/CUSTOMTHEME/template/creativestyle/amazonpayments/login/redirect.phtml