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Pre-installation steps

Installation process

  • In your browser, open the Magento Marketplace page, add it to your cart, and go to checkout (this will be free of charge). On the order confirmation page click on :guilabel:`Install` to receive the access key (you may need to log in with your Magento account). Copy the access key.



  • In the Install New Extensions section enter Login and Pay with Amazon extension key obtained from Magento Marketplace page and click :guilabel:`Install` button. Magento will display information about the extension you are about to install and after making sure this is the right version click Proceed button.


  • Installation will start and after successful install it will show a message. Optionally, you can click on Refresh button to see if Login and Pay with Amazon (identified as Creativestyle_AmazonPayments) is listed on list of the installed extensions.


  • Proceed to the post-installation steps.

Post-installation steps

Voila! The Login and Pay with Amazon extension shall be installed now. You can proceed to the :ref:`configuration` followed by :ref:`customization-frontend-templates` and :ref:`customization-email-templates` customization (if applicable).