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Before taking any action, please refer to the :ref:`faq` section, where many common issues have been already explained and solved.

Event logs

The Pay with Amazon extension provides a convenient logging system. It is disabled by default, but you can enable it in the extension settings, refer to the :ref:`configuration-logs` section for more details.

Log files location

The Logger saves details concerning all exceptions, all API calls and all incoming IPN notifications that occurred within the Pay with Amazon extension scope. Logs are stored in CSV files in the following locations:

  • exceptions logs:


  • API calls logs:


  • IPN notifications logs:


Logs accessing

In case you encounter any issues and :ref:`faq` section didn't help, you should review your logs in the next step. Logs can be accessed in two ways:

Logs rotating

All log files are rotated as soon as they exceed the size of 8 Megabytes, the old log file is renamed then to var/log/amazonpayments/apa_*.log.timestamp and a new empty file is created for storing the new log entries. The old log files are still accessible by direct access (FTP, SFTP or SSH) to var/log/amazonpayments folder on the server.

Contact support

In case neither studying the FAQ nor the event logs reviewing resulted in solving your issue you can submit a support ticket on site.


In the request ticket tell us please which extension (Advanced Payment APIs, Checkout by Amazon) does your issue concern and describe it very precisely. Some details regarding ecosystem the extension is working within (PHP version, Magento version, extension version, production or staging server) would be also very helpful. Following those advices will visibly speed up processing your request.