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The Colorist Cookbook

A self-directed final project for my color theory class, The Colorist Cookbook is a Processing program that generates a seven-chapter (+appendix) PDF of color studies. Each chapter of the book contains a body of work that applies a particular aspect of color theory, and each iteration of the book is unique.


The reason I wanted to pursue this project is because although I felt like I had learned a lot in my color theory class, I was worried that I would end up forgetting the material. By algorithmically creating color studies that applied the concepts taught in class, I was able to more strongly reinforce my understanding of color theory. This project was a valuable learning experience for me, as it allowed me to challenge myself as both a computer scientist and an artist.

Closing notes

Due to the random nature of the algorithms in the Cookbook, it is sometimes the case that certain studies are extremely effective--or uneffective. Not all the algorithms work perfectly, and perhaps they never will. It may well be the case that no matter how hard I try to 'perfect' algorithms that illustrate color theory concepts, I will never be able to articulate the complexities of human vision through code. This thought is scary, but also humbling.


Please bear in mind that the code for this project is, uh...a little messy. Okay, A LOT messy. I might clean it up later in the future but I don't see that happening anytime soon--I will aim to keep everything as legible as possible!