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Now UI Kit version license

alt text

Now UI Kit is a responsive Bootstrap 4 kit provided for free by Invision and Creative Tim. It is a beautiful cross-platform UI kit featuring over 50 elements and 3 templates.

Now UI Kit is one of the most popular UI Kits online, provided in PSD and Sketch formats by Invision. We wanted to find a way for developers worldwide to benefit from using it. So, in collaboration with Invision, we are launching the HTML version for it!

Now will help you create a clean and simple website that is a perfect fit for today's flat design. It is built using the 12 column grid system, with components designed to fit together perfectly. It makes use of bold colours, beautiful typography, clear photography and spacious arrangements.

Create awesome, lifelike prototypes with InVision and Now so your users can experience and give feedback on your vision!

To get the PSD and Sketch files, please visit Invision (https://www.invisionapp.com/now).

Bootstrap 4 Support Now UI Kit is built on top of the much awaited Bootstrap 4. This makes starting a new project very simple. It also provides benefits if you are already working on a Bootstrap 4 project; you can just import the Now UI Kit style over it. Most of the elements have been redesigned; but if you are using an element we have not touched, it will fall back to the Bootstrap default.

Example Pages We wanted to fully display the power of this kit, so the kit comes packed with examples showing you how to use the components. Inside the product you will find:


Tutorial In order for you to easily be able to use the Now UI kit, we have created a tutorial page. It shows the structure for the files inside the archive and how to import them. It then features every components with a description and example fr how to use it. You can see the details here (link).

What's included

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files:

Now Ui Kit
├── assets
│   ├── css
│   │   ├── bootstrap.min.css
│   │   ├── demo.css
│   │   └── now-ui-kit.css
│   ├── fonts
│   ├── img
│   ├── js
│   │   ├── core
│   │   │   ├── bootstrap.min.js
│   │   │   ├── jquery.3.2.1.min.js
│   │   │   └── popper.min.js
│   │   ├── now-ui-kit.js
│   │   └── plugins
│   │       ├── bootstrap-datetimepicker.js
│   │       ├── bootstrap-switch.js
│   │       └── nouislider.min.js
├── documentation
│   ├── template.html
│   └── tutorial-components.html
├── examples
│   ├── landing-page.html
│   ├── login-page.html
│   └── profile-page.html
├── index.html
└── nucleo-icons.html

Useful Links

More products from Creative Tim: http://www.creative-tim.com/bootstrap-themes

Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVyTG4sCw-rOvB9oHkzZD1w

Freebies: http://www.creative-tim.com/products

Affiliate Program (earn money): http://www.creative-tim.com/affiliates/new

Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CreativeTim

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeTim

Dribbble: https://dribbble.com/creativetim

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CreativetimPage

Instagram: https://instagram.com/creativetimofficial