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rdio-simple for JavaScript (node.js)

An Rdio client including a built-in OAuth implementation.

It has been tested on the 0.4 branch of node.

To install the library simply add the om.js and rdio.js files to your source directory.


To use the library just load the Rdio class from the rdio module:

var Rdio = require("rdio");

Create an Rdio instance passing in a tuple with your consumer key and secret:

var rdio = new Rdio(["consumerkey", "consumersecret"]);

Make API calls with the call(methodname, params) method:'get', {'keys': 'a254895,a104386'});

Authenticate and authorize with the beginAuthentication and completeAuthentication methods.

The current token (either request or access) is stored in rdio.token as an array with the token and token secret.


Both examples authenticate and then list the user's playlists. They use credentials stored in rdio_consumer_credentials.js.

NOTE: web-based.js depends on Link. Install the dependency in the examples directory by running:

npm install link
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