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PyAIML -- The Python AIML Interpreter
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NOTE: This repo has been cloned from sourceforge. Credits follow.

PyAIML -- The Python AIML Interpreter

author: Cort Stratton ( web:

PyAIML is an interpreter for AIML (the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), implemented entirely in standard Python. It strives for simple, austere, 100% compliance with the AIML 1.0.1 standard, no less and no more.

This is currently pre-alpha software. Use at your own risk!

For information on what's new in this version, see the CHANGES.txt file.

For information on the state of development, including the current level of AIML 1.0.1 compliance, see the SUPPORTED_TAGS.txt file.

Quick & dirty example (assuming you've downloaded the "standard" AIML set):

import aiml

# The Kernel object is the public interface to
# the AIML interpreter.
k = aiml.Kernel()

# Use the 'learn' method to load the contents
# of an AIML file into the Kernel.

# Use the 'respond' method to compute the response
# to a user's input string.  respond() returns
# the interpreter's response, which in this case
# we ignore.
k.respond("load aiml b")

# Loop forever, reading user input from the command
# line and printing responses.
while True: print k.respond(raw_input("> "))
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