Community resources for learning Magento 2 and discussing the Magento 2 learning curve
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Learning Magento 2 & The Magento 2 Learning Curve

This is a very informal repository designed to help the community coordinate and discuss the process of learning Magento 2, especially from the perspective of a Magento 1 developer.

Please note that this is an unofficial effort. This repository is not connected to, monitored by, or endorsed by Magento Inc. or any other company.

Starting Points

Here's some helpful resources for learning Magento 2:




If we've missed one, please submit a pull request to add it!

Opening Issues

If you have an area of learning Magento 2 that you're struggling with, please open an issue on this repository. If you have thoughts about the learning curve of Magento 2, please open an issue on this repository.

Pull Requests Encouraged

If you have content to add, please submit a pull request. The overall idea is for this repository to contain one or more Markdown files that can be easily viewed, edited and updated here on Github, so please edit an existing Markdown file or add a new one.


This repository is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please note that any content hosted on other sites and merely linked to here may be covered by a different license. Please respect the license of those sites.