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Small but useful shell scripts.
Ruby Shell
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Small but useful scripts.

  • Two related Ruby scripts that fit into my photography workflow:

    • tagsfromexposure reads metadata from the Exposure X4/X5 image editor, and applies OSX Finder tags based on the metadata. Files flagged as "pick" get the TAG_YES tag applied; files with 2 or more stars get the TAG_MAYBE tag applied. This requires the nokogiri gem and the tag commandline utility, which you can brew install.
    • albumfromtags looks for images in the current directory with the TAG_YES or TAG_MAYBE tags, and generates a static HTML image gallery of those images. It relies on sigal and the tag commandline utility. You need to customise the file (to include your own name), put that file somewhere permanent, and update the path to it in the albumfromtags script.
  • kickstart is a tool to initialise an SVN repository for a new project. It creates a skeleton, checks it in, and checks out trunk into a new folder for you: kickstart myproj "example project" will create a new folder myproj with a trunk checkout. Edit the script to set your own repository location. I am aware of the irony of hosting this on github.

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