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Web interface for your server, based on Django and Python. It can handle a Python's applications through uWSGI and PHP applications through Apache and mod_fcgid. It's not complete yet, but we use it in production. We are working hard to make wsgiadmin to be the best solution for servers.


  • e-mail redirects
  • master panel with cool things
  • VPS manager
  • Remove address from model, connect via JSONRPC with PCP-Invoices
  • Remove clients app, merge it with users
  • Provision system

Main features

  • Great Python support with virtualenv (Django, CherryPy and much more)
  • Less great PHP support - necessary evil
  • Nice static sites support
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL support
  • Bind support
  • Email via courier and postfix
  • FTP via pure-ftpd
  • Simple invoice system
  • IPv6 support


project dependencies: * see requirements.txt

external dependencies: * uWSGI * Python 2.6, 2.7 * PostgreSQL 8.x (9.x not tested) or MySQL


  • Adam Štrauch - (e-mail/jabber)
  • Jiří Suchan - @yedpodtrzitko


You are welcome to join us, just click on the fork button up there.

-- Adam 'cx' Strauch