Activate/deactivate/verify checksums in offline Postgres clusters
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mbanck Fix scanning of tablespaces.
Commit 60fae02 introduced a whitelist of relation filenames to compare files or
directories to. However, it missed that non-default tablespaces have a
PG_<VER>_<CATNO> directory, that was not considered a relation and skipped, so
pg_checksums would not verify or activate checksums in tablespaces.

Fix this by adopting a proposed patch by Michael Paquier that only checks
proper files for being a relation file, not directories. Also adapt TAP tests
inducing corruption in a table in a non-default tablespace.
Latest commit a444a31 Nov 27, 2018
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t Fix scanning of tablespaces. Nov 27, 2018
COPYRIGHT Add License Apr 17, 2018
Makefile Mention that the latest point release is required Nov 16, 2018

pg_checksums - Activate/deactivate/verify checksums in PostgreSQL clusters

pg_checksums is a small tool based on the pg_verify_checksums program available in PostgreSQL from version 11 on. In addition to verifying checksums, it can activate and deactivate them. The former requires all database blocks to be read and all page headers to be updated, so can take a long time on a large database.

The database cluster needs to be shutdown cleanly in the case of checksum activation or deactivation, while checksum verification can be performed online.

PostgreSQL versions since 9.3 are supported, the November 8th 2018 PostgreSQL point release is required.