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Credibility Literacy

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Co-Chairs: Hyunjin Seo, Andrea Bras

Members: Avery Davis-Roberts, Scott Appling

Alumna: Sarah Morris

Mission Statement

The CredCo Credibility Literacy 101 working group will explore the media literacy education landscape by both mapping and analyzing key components of U.S. and international organizations working at the intersection of media literacy and civic engagement. We aim to identify interesting patterns, to highlight potential research gaps, and to make policy recommendations.

Scope and Deliverables

The main objective of this working group is to explore the current media literacy education landscape and to evaluate ways in which the broader work of CredCo can contribute to media literacy education endeavors. Possible research/policy questions may include:

  • RQ1: How are media literacy campaigns evaluated (metrics and indicators) and what makes them successful or not?
  • RQ2: Are there exogenous factors (e.g. trust in media, news desert, political orientation, cultural attitudes, cultural group associations, sacred values, cognitive impairment) that affect whether media literacy efforts will be moot whether adopted or not?
  • RQ3: How key concepts are defined and operationalized? (e.g., definitions of media literacy, civic engagement)
  • RQ4: What does the media literacy research landscape look like? (meta-analysis of media literacy research; intersectional nature of media literacy research; innovative approaches)
  • RQ5: What is the relationship between media literacy and trust in traditional intermediaries (e.g., news media, government)?

Deliverables will include:

  • Phase I - An environmental scan of media literacy education initiatives and tools
  • Phase II - A blog post for CredCo detailing our work and findings
  • Phase II - Academic journal article
  • Phase IV - Extensive policy report


This working group is currently scheduled to meet for a 6 month time period: from July-December 2019; review of scope and extension to timeline will be reviewed in November/December 2019.

Success Criteria

Timely delivery of the products mentioned above, participation in working groups, positively contributing to working group discussions and actively sharing findings with the broader CredCo community are indicators of success.


  • Review and approval of charter and determine group and individual deliverables
  • Landscape review of existing initiatives
  • Systematic analysis of data collected
  • Submission of media literacy education environmental scan to CredCo
  • Submission of blog post to CredCo
  • Submission of academic journal article


All of our working documents will be kept private for the 6 month duration of this working group. We will produce public-facing summaries that can be shared with the wider CredCo community. You should be okay with public attribution of your work in the form of blog posts or publications.

Communication Mechanisms

The Credibility Literacy 101 Working Group will be holding bi-weekly meetings. Notes will be taken from each meeting. We also have a Slack channel for regular communications, research brainstorming, and sharing of relevant resources.


Any interested new participants can join the group at any time. The purpose and research agenda of the group is defined by this document and will only be changed with the approval of all group members.

How to Join the Working Group

Anyone can join the working group after reviewing and consenting to the working group charter. Any interested new participants can email someone already involved for more information.

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