Version of php's base_convert without the internal "double" or "float" type restrictions.
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Converts any string of any base to any other base without PHP native method base_convert's double and float limitations.


Include the baseconvert.php in your script then call baseconvert() with the same parameters as PHP's base_convert.


Do whatever you want with it. Credit Michael Renner and I if you want or don't.


baseconvert returns false when

$Value is invalid for the $FromBase
62 < $FromBase < 2 That means $FromBase is less 2 or greater than 62 for math geniuses.
62 < $ToBase < 2 That means $ToBase is less 2 or greater than 62 for math geniuses.

Michael Renner's unfucked_base_convert doesn't do any checking at all and will always convert.

PHP's base_convert removes digits from $Value that aren't in $FromBase then continues as if nothing is wrong.

base_convert is obviously the fastest because it is a native method.
unfucked_base_convert is much slower when doing conversions en mass but doesn't suffer from base_convert's double and float limitations.
baseconvert is a little slower than unfucked_base_convert because of the parameter validation but the difference in neligible when compared to the native method.