Kanboard - Customizer adds GUI for logo, favicon and themes
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⭐️ If you use it, you should star it on Github! It's the least you can do for all the work put into it!

Customizer - it's like magic!

This plugin has been brought to you by a collective and ongoing effort of: creecros, vistree, aljawaid & kenlog

Adds a settings panel Settings>Customizer:


GUI to add a...

...to your site without any backend coding or config settings.

Favicon 🔰


Header Logo 🌈


Login Logo 🍑


Customizable Login Screen 💎


Login Screen Background Image 🎯


Includes Preset Themes 📣

image image

Considerations 😏

Will probably not function fully with other CSS plugins that override templates related to layout or headers

Theme Plugins that support Customizer

Make pull request to add other theme support, must come from theme maintainer.

Future Enhancements 🍭

  • Custom Theme Creator with Color Pickers
  • Preloaded Theme Selector
  • Sizing options
  • Increasing Compatibility