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MetaMagik Kanboard Plugin

Forked from Metadata Plugin and added functionality ontop of previous plugin, there is no need to use both plugins

Added Features:

  1. Customizable Fields for tasks.
    • Textbox
    • Text Area
    • Number
    • Dropdowns
    • CheckBoxes
    • Radios
    • User Lists
    • Custom Lists from DB
      • Key/Val
      • Equals Criteria
    • Date (older browsers may not support the popup calendar)
  2. A settings panel which allows you to create custom fields for tasks.
  3. Fields will show up when creating/modifying tasks.
  4. Custom fields added to task details.
  5. Metadata is duplicated during task duplication.
  6. Exporting tasks to CSV will include custom fields.
  7. Filters for searching metadata.
  8. Can now set the column for the field to appear in, and placement is setup through drag and drop placement
  9. Field can be Global for all tasks, or for a particular Project only.
  10. Field types now include an option to add as a footer to the task cards in board view
  11. CSS added for metamagik Textarea fields and Footer Fields
  12. Analytics for Custom Field Values of Number Type within a project

Original Features:

  1. Metadata Sidebars for tasks, projects, and users to add remove metadata. (from original fork, slight UI improvements involving tasks)

Plugin for



  • Decompress the archive in the plugins folder


  • Create a folder plugins/MetaMagik
  • Copy all files under this directory


Settings>Custom Fields: panel for creating custom fields for tasks


Fields setup in Settings will appear in the task creation panel:


Metadata will appear under Task Details in an Accordian:


Metadata will also show up as a tooltip on the Board:


There is also a sidebar menu to add/remove/edit metadata, which is not dependent on the fields setup in your settings, adding fields here will not add metadata fields during creation or modification to a task, only those in the settings panel will show up. This sidebar will appear for tasks, users, and projects:


During Task Modification, your custom fields will be pre-populated with yout data:


Perform searches for metadata fields. metakey:"field"


Perform searches for metadata values. metaval:"value"


Export to CSV will include your custom fields and data during Task Export



When fields are included as footers to task cards


Analytics for Custom Field Values within a Project, for Number Types



  • Original Metadata Plugin author: BlueTeck
  • Additional Metadata Types and some organization for adding more types down the road: Cortex
  • Unused non working code in original code that greatly assisted in adding the settings panel: Daniele Lenares
  • Some guy who suckered me into writing this code, and provided the idea and desire: Julien Buratto